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Life-Size WalkOn Floor Plans

You Can Experience Your Floor Plan Firsthand, Helping You Make an Informed Decision Before You Build

Remove the Guesswork!

Whether commercial or residential, a building project is a huge investment. You want the peace of mind that the final build will match the architectural designs. Imagine walking through your project before the build begins.

WalkOn Plans provides a wholly new visualization concept for homebuilders, architects, real estate agents, and everyone in between. If you have a building project, we can help you experience your plans through an immersive and innovative WalkOn experience that allows you to take a full scale walkthrough of your floorplan.

The Process

Experience Your Floorplan Like Never Before

We take you through a process that immerses you in your design, experiencing it with a clarity and visual acuity that simply cannot be achieved by looking at the plan on paper.

Get in touch with us and send us your plans.

We’ll book an appointment and prep your plans ready for the walkthrough.

You’ll visit us, and experience your lifesize plans, and make any necessary changes.

How We Can Help


Providing Peace of Mind That Your Home Will Match Your Design


Refining Your Commercial Building Project at the Design Stage

Professional Applications

We Work With A Wide Range Of Industry Professionals