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The Opportunity to Review and Refine Building Plans With Our 1:1 Life-Size Immersive Experience

Refining Your Commercial Building Project at the Design Stage

Commercial Building Problems?

There are always challenges when it comes to a commercial building, often due to the size and practical needs of the space. Discovering errors and inconsistencies after the build has started can be a costly mistake that can impact timelines and ROI.

Walk On Plans Solutions

Our walkthroughs provide a seamless transition from design, to review, to build, ensuring your building plans are exactly the way you want them to be. If any changes need to be made, they can be edited on-site in real time so you can see the changes as you walk through your life-size plans. Don’t leave things to chance. Save yourself the hassle. Experience your plans and make sure they’re precisely what you’re imagining them to be.

Ready to Experience WalkOn Plans?

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"There is nothing more stressful for a developer than clients whose expectations aren't met. We give developers the ability to walk a plan with their client and answer any questions they may have, helping to match expectations and reality."
Andrew Vanderwoerd,
Principal & Founder

Visualize Your Commercial Build Project for a Perfect Design Outcome

There are numerous reasons to use WalkOn Plans to review your building plans…


Offering your clients the extra layer of oversight that comes naturally from experiencing a WalkOn Plan means you’re empowering them to make the right decisions. And more Importantly, be comfortable in the decisions they are making.

See Your Plans
in a New Light

Paper and digital plans can only reveal so much, especially when dealing with the size and scope of a commercial building. It’s not uncommon to find errors during the construction process. By viewing your plans in 1:1 ratio, you can catch errors early and make corrections before the build begins.

Reduce the Chances of Costly Changes

Construction is an expensive business, even more so when your plans don’t fully line up with what you have in mind. Experiencing a WalkOn Plan means you can see your life-size plans, walk through the rooms, and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it, helping you avoid expensive changes later in the construction process.