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Immerse Yourself in Your Floor Plans Before Building Your Dream Home

Providing Peace of Mind That Your Home Will Match Your Design

Seeing is

If you’re not a building professional, it can be difficult to visualize what your new home will look like based on paper plans alone. The biggest advantage of our life size walkthroughs to a family building a new home is that they can visualize the size of a room, ‘feel’ the available space, and properly evaluate the practicality and style of your new home.

Visualize Like
Never Before

You can have the peace of mind, knowing you can evaluate the plans to make sure they’re perfect before it goes to build. You can even test and change designs while on-site to find out the best layout to meet your needs.

By catching any problems or discrepancies at this important review stage, you can make corrections and save money in the long run.

Ready to Experience WalkOn Plans?

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"We wanted to give a developer and their clients the ability to experience the home they were going to purchase. It's one of the largest decisions a person will make in their life. We want them to be confident in their decision."
Andrew Vanderwoerd,
Principal & Founder

Visualize Your Residential Build Project
for a Perfect Design Outcome

There are numerous reasons to use WalkOn Plans to review your building plans…

Provide an Unparalleled
Level of Service

By offering clients and stakeholders a chance to customize the design process utilizing our immersive WalkOn Plans experience, you’ll be providing an elevated level of service—a presentation like no other. Designs can be edited and changed on the fly and viewed in real-time.

Streamline Your
Design Process

It’s difficult to picture a building project from plans alone. By using WalkOn Plans to experience your building plans in real time, you’re able to reassure clients that they’ve made the right choice, and if not, you can alter those plans while on-site so clients are left with the confidence and peace of mind to proceed to the build stage.

Save Money
& Reduce Risk

The WalkOn Plans experience means you’re gaining greater oversight when it comes to reviewing and approving plans before the build begins. By identifying issues early, you’ll be saving money by eliminating any erroneous costs due to design problems. By reviewing the plans on a 1:1 scale, any errors can be identified and corrected, making for a smooth process, free of risk and inflated budgets.