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About Us

Whether commercial or residential, a building project is a huge investment. You want the peace of mind that the final build will match the architectural designs. Imagine walking through your project before the build begins.

Why Choose Us?

Walkon Plans Provides A Wholly New Visualization Concept For Homebuilders, Architects, Real Estate Agents, And Everyone In Between
If you have a building project, we can help you experience your plans through an
immersive and innovative walk on experience that allows you to take a full scale
walkthrough of your floorplan.

The Benefits

The Advantage Of Seeing Life-Size Plans Before You Build.
If you’re in the building industry, whether it’s as a builder, architect, designer, developer, or real estate agent, we want to work with you!

Provides peace of Mind for You and Your Clients


Make Changes on the Fly While on a Walkthrough


Adding a New Level of Professionalism That Enhances the Buying Experience


Adds an Experiential ‘Wow’ Factor to Your Presentation


Test Different Designs to Discover the Ideal Layout


State of the Art Projection Technology at Your Fingertips

As Seen On

“At the end of 2019, I was talking with a couple of people that were building a house. They were having a tough time deciding on what plans to choose from their designer. They were making this huge decision based on a set of PDF plans, basically putting all their trust in someone else to make their dream house a reality. I thought to myself ‘there must be a better way!’”

“I spoke to a number of people who had built a house in the last ten years, and 100% of the people I talked to loved the idea of being able to properly visualize their new home in such an immersive way.”
Andrew Vanderwoerd,
Principal & Founder