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Who We Serve

Elevate the Service You Provide Your Clients with WalkOn Plans

We work with various industry professionals.

We help clients visualize their building projects. Utilize our services to complement your own in order to deliver the best possible experience to your clientele. No matter your role in the building industry, we want to work with you!

Builders & Developers

By setting up a visit to our facility, you and your clients can view your plans on a 1:1 scale before construction begins. This allows you to test different designs to discover the ideal layout and make changes on the fly, on-site at our facility.


Architects & Designers

As designers, you can now help your clients visualize their projects like never before. By showing your building plans in a life size format, your clients will easily be able to visualize their new build and add an experiential ‘wow’ factor to your presentation.



How do you see a building or home if it’s not built yet? WalkOn Plans adds a new level of professionalism that enhances the buying experience by placing homeowners in their prospective spaces before the build begins.