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Get Client Approvals
in a Timely Fashion

By offering a transparent visual experience, clients are more likely to
approve plans quicker and with higher satisfaction

As an architect or designer, it’s easy for you to visualize the plans you’re creating. It’s your job and skillset, so it’s only natural.

The truth of the matter is that its not quite as easy for your clients to do the same. While plans include everything that needs to be seen, it’s just not always easy to visualize. This can often cause indecisiveness in clients who are making a large investment and want things to be perfect.

Provide Peace of
Mind to Your Clients

WalkOnPlans offers an immersive experience for all its clients. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to project your carefully created plans across the floor of our facility. You can then take your client’s through their floor plan at a 1:1 ratio: literally allowing them to walk through their new building project.

Make Changes On-Site and Get Final Approval

Our innovative service provides your clients with the opportunity to see all their plans, explore them at their leisure, and get a true sense of their new build. By taking a walk through, they’ll be able to see the size of the rooms, where the fixtures will be mounted, and truly experience their new home. As an added advantage, we allow designers to make changes on-site to help finalize the design process.

Ready to Experience WalkOn Plans?

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The Benefits of WalkOn Plans


Help Clients Visualize Their
New Home on a Life-Size Scale

Allow clients to experience their new build in a wholly new
way before ground is even broken. Let them visualize their
new home and finalize the plans with peace of mind.


Provide a
‘Wow’ Factor

Haven’t you always wanted to present your plans in such
a way that your clients will be completely blown away?
With our state-of-the-art technology, you can!


Make Changes

As an architect or designer, we welcome you to make
changes while on-site to clients can see and experience
updates in real time.

Become immersed
in your plans

Experience each room, every building feature, and make the changes you want, allowing you to move forward with confidence.