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Elevate the Service
You Provide to Clients

Change the way you do business by offering this dynamic and innovative service to clients

Companies live and die by word of mouth and reviews these days.

It’s never been more essential for a building company to offer exceptional customer service. While it’s
certainly a niche industry, there are a lot of players, and it’s important to stay top of mind.

Imagining Your

Clients often can’t properly visualize what their new home will look like from plans alone and this can often result in complications and costly updates to plans after the build has already begun.

There’s a
Better Way

WalkOnPlans offers an immersive experience for all its clients. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to project your carefully created plans across the floor of our facility. You can then take your client’s through their floor plan at a 1:1 ratio: literally allowing them to walk through their new building project.
Our service solves one of the major pain points that every homeowner experiences: the ability to properly visualize a new home. To your benefit as a builder and designer, you’re able to show your plans in a way that’s never been seen before. It gives the clients more peace of mind that they’re satisfied with their plans, and it gives you the opportunity to properly present your plans in a way that’s far more easily understandable.

Ready to Experience WalkOn Plans?

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The Benefits of WalkOn Plans


Provide a
‘Wow’ Factor

Haven’t you always wanted to present your plans in such a way that your clients will be completely blown away? With our state-of-the-art technology, you can!


Provide a Higher Level
of Client Service

By offering WalkOn Plans as an added value to your clients, you’ll be providing an unparalleled level of service, helping create more positive reviews for your business.


Identify Any Potential Future
Issues Before it’s Too Late

Once construction has started, it can be costly to make changes. Add a new layer of oversight by reviewing your plans and identifying anything that needs fixing.

Help your clients
visualize the design

WalkOn Plans allows for an immersive experience that can help finalize your designs, and identify any last minute
updates or changes.